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 Wouldn't you prefer a warm pool?

Would you like to spend less on fuel bills?

…maybe its time to consider using a Revolution Pool Cover, the pool cover that thinks' it's a solar panel. Merging significant solar heat gain with heat retention, the Revolution Pool Cover will bring new enjoyment of your pool.

A Revolution Pool Cover will increase the temperature of your pool… 

...considerably more than an ordinary pool cover.
For every square meter of cover, up to 9kWh of heat can be added to your pool each day. Its similar to having a solar collector the size of your whole swimming pool.
 Warms up the water

Reduces your energy bills…

Unlike a conventional pool cover, the Revolution Pool Cover noticeably lowers the amount of fuel used to heat your pool. Each time the sun shines on it, free solar power is being added to your pool saving you lots of money. 

Locks in the days heat gain…

Most pool covers are designed to retain heat and the Revolution Pool Cover also does this. Using is patent pending reflective coating layer, our cover retains energy just like an ordinary pool cover PLUS it all but eliminates evaporation loss.  Locks the thermal gains in

Use your heated pool more…

Most users prefer a heated pool. Pool temps below about 28 dC (82dF) are uncomfortable for the majority of people. Surveys show that heated swimming pools are used up to 10 times more than cool pools. So let the sun warm your pool... for free!

Easy to deploy…

Just like a regular pool cover, a Revolution Pool Cover is simple to use. It can be either used alone or fitted to a reel and works with all known deck based pool rollers / pool reels. 


Using a patented formula each Revolution Pool Cover is made from a special plastic polymer that is engineered to be tough, flexible, resilient to UV attack and resistant to chemicals while transferring heat in one direction and being thermally reflective in the other. The Revolution is built up as a laminate of 5 layers bonded together in manufacture, making it very tough, robust, yet light weight and straight forward to handle. Composition


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